Friday, March 18, 2011

Brain -> Control?

Please find out his weakness, if you can accept it. Go ahead with this guy.
My colleagues told me this theory. 27 years old don't have bf yet. Is it will make other person worry about that?
She always told me soon~~ They all so funny~~ hahha~~ They will give the door gift of wedding dinner to me, because of she said it is sweet and will bring bf to me.
OMG~~I laugh till non-stop!! She always told me what I said, is accurate!!! So, is soon!!
Is happy that they so worry of me and tell me a lot of love theory~~
I ask myself is it I can accept his weakness? What is his weakness? His weakness is his strength also... How ah?? Got theory, where to practical it?
Reading a book recently.. Just find that a lot of books will related to the power of " Secret".
Our brain control our action~ One of my friend told me that. My bro always told me this~ Just I don't care him. He always complaint me that, all the times what he talked to me, I sure ignore it. Other people talked to you, you sure put in heart. He fed up already. LOL~
I met someone look like you le~~ Even the sound also like you~~ No No.. should say your sound look like him~~ hahaha~~
1st thing to do now is I control my brain~~ Be a confidence girl~~

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