Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Confusing day

This is the 1st day I created my blog at blog spot.
I am not happy today. Ms.Yeong said sorry to me. She said Maz got scold u?
I said no a... Y?? What happen?
Station stock out just let them stock out. This is what Julene told me.
But other side RBC called hurry up send load early to station... near stock out..
At the starting I really cannot balance my feel.
This is because this is my job I cannot let station stock out. This is bad image for Caltex and Retail partner will lost a lot. This is definately.
On the other side, while price go down.. RP keep cancel load and they willing to take the risk to stock out.
A lot RP like me due to I will try my best to shchedule to load for them to avoid stock out. But It made me damn tension. Because I keep tell myself this is my job do the best.
My friend told me you i dun know how to do magic. You already try ur best, RP know abt tht.
Until today I still the same. I nvr change my mind... Currently still ok due to a lot station keep lot petrol because of price cheap ma.... hahha...
Hope everything let me be a tuff girl...

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