Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine 2011

Rainning is starting in the evening. What will happend then?? Definately is terrible jam!!

Everyone went off early today. For what? Because of Valentine lo~~

I'm sitting alone in the office to write this blog. For what? To express my lonely lo~~


I cant recall back last year how I celebrate my valentine. With who? What I did?

Totally no idea~~ But I knew definately is a single valentine. LOL~~

How many years liao ah? Scary~~ Cant disclose here~~ hehehe

After 25 years old, every year my wish also hope there is someone can celebrate this season with me. After 2 years, it is the same. Is single life~~ Luckily, buddha bo bi.... I still have a lot single friends. It sound like I so bad la..... but... I really no choice ma... :(

I guess you sure don't know I'm waiting you to date me. One of my friend told me maybe you forget today is Valentine day~~ How cute is he??? hahhaa~~

Is it mean you already give me the answer?? Don't know why I feel this year is the most lonely valentine day for me....................

Cheer Up~~ Wishing my friends " Happy Valentine Day"~~

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