Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nothing. Just want to ask you, How are you today

I received your miss call in the morning while i'm driving.. Is time to complaint DIGI~~

Because of you I change to DIGI, unfortunately, I received all your miss call instead of called. Hate DIGI~~~

You called me and said just want to ask my condition okay or not. Wow.. damn warm early in the morning ya~~ I listen to you de, I drink a lot of water~ But my voice had changed to abite sexy and rough. Hhahaa~~

Called you in the noon. You are free today, so you ask me free or not. I really had dinner appointment with friends. You ask me again, really don't want dinner with me ah? What a soft tone~ No choice, I have go with you cause I know there is not much chance as today~ I need to go~ Finally, I broke my principle.... Put relationship first and friendship at second. Do you feel it, because of you ah!!! hahhaa~~then you keep reminding me remember take some food first, remember, remember, remember, till I said you FAN le~~ How cute are you~~ Thanks for your concern~~ HAVE TO CONTINUE DO IT YA~~ hahha~~

Would like to thank GOD in the last day of May~~I cherish the time with him~Thank You!!

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