Thursday, February 12, 2009

Whose Fault?

I feel guilty in this week.
Last sunday I went back to office to work. I receive a mail that 1 of the station didn't discharge the load at 2am as per scheduled and the truck send back to terminal. I know that this station never to take load at 2am, so i double confirm with retail partner that is 2am load. He confirm the load. After checking the recorder that is 2am. I'm right.
I received antoher mail that said I key in wrong product. I damn angry la. The person never do investigation and blamed me the fault. Finally, after checking the recorder, I'm correct.
Yesterday, terminal said they never inform the truck will arrive before 10am. OMG!! They never inform me at all. Blame me again! For this case, I'm thinking, would I mention terminal didn't inform me abt that?? If i send the email out such way, terminal ppl will dislike me?? This is because I liase with them everyday. If there is something feeling not right, it is difficult to do work together. Finally, i decide didn't said such way.
Izzit I too nice?? Everything is OK... How should I change it?? Sometimes i think too much la... but, sometimes i think that if i treat someone nice.. he/she will treat me good as well.But, i know this is the real life. There will be no such thing here.

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