Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Appreciate for it

Just start my 26 years old life with a good starting~ cheer~
It was an unforgettable year for me... how I celebrate?
Maybe because age is getting increase and the heart changed also~
Nothing for me to look forward actually~ Maybe because recently received some bad news and influence my mood also~
Don't know is it God heard from my heart.... Give me a lot of suprise~~
Last Sunday, YC came my house and pass the earing to me... OMG... why bought so expensive earing la.... i don't know what can I say~~ if I don't want received seem like so wasted~~ he knew I wan a pair of earing~~ that's why go to find it... Friend, you really such a good + silly friend~~ how you can treat your friend so nice like that~~ hahahah
Monday... WS came over my house~~ we cooked corn's soup~~ too much corn~~ ahhahaa~~
She passed me a present.... what a lovely friend la... is a dress~~ she knew I rarely wear dress recently.. she said cant be that~~ if not, how to lure guy?? omg.... should I do that??
I think so la... no other reason~~ because of AGE~~ :(
I agree what she said la... I'm a girl le... how can be like that~~ God differentiate girl and boy~ so, I cant ruin the environment what~~ hehhee....
12am~~ Deng Deng Deng Deng~~ step to 26 lo~~ SN bought me a coffee ice cream when she back from meeting~~ sang birthday song to me~~ and play around there~~ chit chat until 1am~~They continue to study after that~~ SN, HT and XZ... I really touch~~ I plan to sleep at 12am~ out of my expectation... you all came in my room and wish me~~ I think everything is enough for me~~ I like it~
On my big day, when I step in office~~ OMG~~ 2 presents put on my desk~~ Is my lovely ML and GA... You all still remember~~ ML called me at 905am before she was boading to ShangHai~~ Omg~~ is my lovely cookies~~ I'm speechless~~ my tears is rolling at that moment~~ When my big boss step in office and came to my desk wish me~~ OMG~~ another suprise~~ I thought you forget about that~~ Lunch time~~I ate Nasi Bojari~~ Everyone told me should try that.. Really nice~~ I wan bring my friend go there again~~
After lunch just work and work without stopping~~ My boss went back lo~~ released~~ hehe...
GA told me she went down buy something~~ 5pm.... yeah~~ going to back home~~ suddenly~ I feel something was wrong there~~ Every1 seem like so ganjiong for something~~ Oh.. they look for lighter~~ what?? need lighter for wat?? OMG~~ dun tell me got birthday cake ah~~ Really is birthday cake,is Lavendar Blueberry~ I don't know how many years didn't blow the cake on big day lo~~ Touch again~~~ Omg~~ I really appreciate what I had now~ Thanks god~~
Never plan how to pass my night~~ ok la~~ go to 1U have dinner with XZ... the rest stay at home cause exam on the next day~~
LAKSA as my dinner at Nyonya Colour~~nothing to do~~ go back la~~ Another suprise~~ MEESUA~~ oh~~ Chinese culture have to eat MEESUA on birthday~~it mean good luck will come in the new year~~ I ate twice in this year~~ Thanks to my mum and HT~~ love you all so much~~
All my friend, the only wish I made is happy forever and healthy~~ I don't want to miss anything from now~~ I scared the feel to lost something~
Thanks to everyone again~~~~~~~~~ 23-Nov-2010~~

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