Sunday, August 15, 2010

Greenwood Marketing Sdn Bhd

This is the 1st time I walked in to my second brother's office.
My family member also same with me. It was the first time.
There wasn't any grand opening ceremony. I just aware his office was starting operate when it was opening 5 days ago. We not so close meh?
No lo... My second brother didn't inform us at all. Haih...
He always think that no need to give trouble to others.This is his attitude.
Grandmother always said I bully Kor Kor... This is truth also...
Because he have such good attitude, that's why all the customer will introduce or come back to him and give him more business. I should learn from him. He really is a nice guy.
All my friend also know that he is the best candidate of my boyfriend. If the guy have 80% similar with my Fean Kor Kor. This guy will be in my list. I think I found this guy now.
As a family member, we sure fully support him..
We bought a Wealth Cat to him as a opening present. Hope the cat can bring him a lot of $$.
Finally, he is a 'half'boss now. I feel happy and relieved everything now.
Morgan Chong, Congratulation to you. Wish you have a good business in your professional line.
You always is my idol in my life~ You put a lot of "money" inside my pocket.
Kor, all the difficult times had passed. Your brightness carrier future is on the path now.
All the best to you. :)

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