Monday, August 16, 2010

He's just not into you

I just finished this movie at home.
This movie highly recommended by my friend. She wants me to be more understand what is relationship about should we have and how to maintain it.
Yes, really is a nice movie~I think guy wouldn't like this type of movie.. hahhaa...
I was reading a lot of books related to relationship recently. Reading for understand only.
Don't have any practical or even topic to talk with others.
Why suddenly I will read this type of book? It mean I really ready or I wish to go into someone?
After reading the book, Men from Mars, Women from Venus. I so rational to talk about relationship. Is it good? The question is I talk with who le? There is no such person appear yet.
After watching the movie, I drop my tears. Not because of the movie touching to me, this is because I knew he is just not into me. I should wake up from the real life.
Or I should keep the hope? I choose to be end!!!
End with Emi Fujita - Unchained Melody.

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