Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yes, It is me~

After the sms, I was admitted that I have some kind of feeling.
Yes, I still caring of this person.
I keep control my feeling before that. This is because my friend told me I can't be a person who caring him too much and he didn't take any action at all. My friend is worry I will get hurt deeply.
Everyone told me: Carrie, please caring of your heart ya. Please don't do over.
I keep remind myself. Don't over do the things. I will bring the opposite outcome in one day.
The time flies. I was confused this few month, I suddenly lost it. I can't read my mind.
What is the feeling? Finally I found out and admitted. It is late?
Yes. It is late~
Nothing much can I do now~ I was telling myself all the things happen because of my age, that's why I think too much and seem like draw a mind chart and take action step by step.
Finally I lost it~

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